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  Copyright, LBHull, September 1999  
Cascadia Community College is committed to electronic portfolios. Web Tapestries designed  graphics, Interfaces and created a Tutorial, managing this project combining talents from the Seattle Webgrrls organization..


The Kirkland Windermere site was designed to express the feel of the area combined with a professional appearance.

African Trails LTD. chose Web Tapestries to establish their presence in the United States. A professional photographer who enjoyed the tour offered his photos which greatly enhanced the site. Visit this site to experience a slice of Africa.


The Nielsen Design Group of  Traverse City, Michigan established the identity for the Bill Sinkford Campaign. Web Tapestries took their original graphics, made them web ready and developed the site.

Peizner, Richards & Ziontz, P.S. wanted to update their design, yet keep a professional image.

The PNWD site was a redesign making only slight modifications to the original architecture. The goal was to create a site that could be easily updated, but still had artistic appeal and visual interest. 

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This web site was created for a Michelle Whitfield, a land planner, as her on-line portfolio. She wanted something that would showcase her work in a unique, yet professional manner.

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After maintaining WUUC's web site for a couple of years, a redesign was in order. They have a theme of hot air balloons, and wanted a site that was welcoming to people of all races, creeds and sexual orientation.

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Angst for the Memories wanted a site with a home page that reflected underground and punk  without being the usual black background with white and red writing. They saved that for the interior pages.

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This was a collaborative project developed for the Redmond Association of SPokenword, a non-profit organization in Redmond, Washington.  RASP requested a site that was warm, welcoming, and whimsical. LBHull created the graphics, the templates, and coded most of the pages.



As a volunteer consultant for Inglemoor High School's web site I created several prototypes. before settling on this final version. This links to my ptoyotype with examples of the templates developed and provided to Inglemoor. They hope to have the site on-line by the end of February 2000.

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Pulloutmethod is a rock band from Tampa, Florida. The bass player created the graphics in pen and ink and requested that they have some movement or animation.

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This was my first site. The Insight Committee wanted it to appeal to all ages and have each page reflect the religion presented.

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Took the CIO's design for Cascadia Community College web site and made it compatible cross browser and down to version 3.0.  Designed pages and forms for fall registration. Designed the layout for several other pages. I continue to work on web projects on a contract basis..

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This is  the prototype for Cascadia Community College's intranet in 1999. The menu scrolls with the page and expands with sub menu items.  They only need IE5 compatibility- therefore features may not work in Netscape, although I can write the code to work around the problems.  VIEW with IE 5     
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Prototype for a punk band promotion organization.



This is my portfolio containing written work, graphics, scripts, and a resume. It is a good example of DHTML.